The Truths about Crime.

(using the truth to shrink the frontiers of crime).


          At the centre of wrongful intention there is a lie, which becomes your lurking cell-mate

for as long as you shut out the truth.


             A Good Law warns, “If you are about to break me, it’s because you’re trying to carry

          too great a burden of responsibility.”


            Accepting total-responsibility for all of your past choices and actions

can give you the total power and freedom to change your future.


The pull of good and evil have equal strengths and both will go to any lengths

            and there is no pain they will not inflict or stand - for as long as you are holding

either’s hand.

       It is far, far better to mistrust the crime than mistrust yourself.


Emotions can make good lookouts, but not always the best captains.

The pursuit of true-justice is always a three-legged race, somehow 

more often won when running side by side instead of face to face.

People commit crime, not just for a desire for doing the crime,

but for their imagined fear of what will happen if they don’t do the crime.

Anyone can be big enough to be a bully, but the real measure is

will you be big enough to stop yourself becoming one when size really matters.

Committing crime to get rid of a personal problem, is like trying to get rid of a cold

by sneezing it onto somebody else – it ’snot good for anyone.

Self-forgiveness is a commitment to reclaim any of your Life Qualities, such as

        self honesty, empathy, accepting total responsibility, etc, that have been neglected, lost or damaged by a wrong committed by

other people or yourself.

Of course, crime can pay but it never pays what it ******* promises!